Right now the world may seem a desperate place to live in, but, in every time of adversity and hardship, opportunities are there to be grasped.

The trick, psychologists say, is to find a way to positively occupy yourself. That could even include spending less time paying attention to the negativity constantly being spewed out by the media.

Here are five ways you can be positive and keep your spirits warm during these tough times.

Help Others

There are plenty of things that you can do to help other people out, without falling foul of the government distancing guidelines. As one example, spring is now in full swing and the grass is growing. If you can, get out there and mow the lawn for a neighbour who may be self isolating, elderly or simply needs help doing it themselves. 

I guarantee you’ll feel a sense of wellbeing afterwards, and your gesture of goodwill will not be forgotten.

Find An Innovation

I love this story! 

The Railway Pub by the station in South Woodham has transformed itself into an extension of Spitalfields Market. Fresh fruit and vegetables, the variety of which you can actually taste, is freshly delivered to their car park on a regular basis.

What better way to beat the barren supermarket shelves, and not to mention their quality, than getting your hands on some fresh produce. If you’re unable to get there, they even run a delivery service!

Check out The Railway Pub on Facebook, or contact Luke on 07715 473795 for a delivery.. 

Finish A Project

I’m guilty of this, and if you’re like me, you might want to check out an article in Entrepreneur.com called “See It Through: 5 Steps to Finishing What You Start”.

Of course, every project is started with the best of intentions. But then we may hear the old cliche: “life just keeps getting in the way”. Reason or excuse?

Make a positive decision to finish your project. Make a plan, start, meet deadlines and then complete it.

Ok, that is a bit of a spoiler, but I urge you to read the article. The sense of accomplishment you will get could kick start yet more productivity, but at the very least, you will have ticked one nagging project off.

Failing that, organise the garage, loft, shed or spare room. Go on, what are you waiting for!

Live A Healthier Life

If you have got more time, and let’s face it, many people have, put it to good use.

Time to cook healthy food (see above) and time to exercise. Use it!

For exercise, there is no shortage of online content to keep you occupied. You just need discipline, and if that fails, you need accountability!

My better half now bops around the lounge with her daughter (accountability partners) for one hour every day in a combination of squats, half push ups (knees down) and other frantic looking gyrations that I’m not sure even have names!

I jog around the park listening to AC/DC for as long as my legs will carry me.

So, don’t be a couch potato or junk food addict (or both), release those energy endorphins!

Have A #famjam

Ok, so you can’t party with your pals, but you can have a party with your immediate family.

If you all live under one roof, entertain each other with family activities. Play games, have a MasterChef style bake off, make Easter decorations together. Even, horror of horrors, actually just spend time talking together! You may rediscover why you fell for your partner or appreciate the wonderful qualities in your children.

If that’s not working, refer to the Help Others section…

For those separated by distance, we have all the technology around us to keep in touch. My 8 year old daughter spent 3 hours in one Facetime session with my Mum who is self isolating. Now that was some shift that went above and beyond! But hey, they both felt heaps better afterwards!

Go on, spread the love and beat this thing together!