Just a few short months ago, probably late Jan / early Feb, I decided that change was needed in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I am generally a positive and enthusiastic person who looks at life through ‘half glass full’ spectacles. But, I just wasn’t where I wanted to be, and that was eating away at me.

In short, I just knew I could achieve more.

Now, I figured that this could be done by one of two methods. Working harder at what I was already doing, or changing the way that I was doing things.

It felt like I had already been smashing away at the former approach, so…

Change It Is

I was already a serial self help book reader, I’d invested what seemed like a tonne of money in coaching programs and did a daily journal (as best as I could) etc. And to be fair, this did help, but not like I had hoped.

I was still finishing days frustrated with a sense of underachievement which was stopping me from switching off. This affected family time, stress levels and more, and I knew it all had to stop!

Then finally, in my latest “take a short cut to riches course” (I can hear you all laughing) they recommended setting some goals, getting up early and then actually following a plan to achieve them.

I’d heard all this before of course, yet every successful person I followed was saying exactly the same thing.

My decision was made!

But It Wasn’t Easy

Oh boy! I attend the gym twice a week at 7am and do morning networking once a week so I’m no slouch. But every day! Really!!!

I’m going to be honest, it didn’t happen straight away. There were days when I just bailed out. As a result, I’d either beat myself up or convince myself that I deserved the odd day off here and there.

But something strange happened; during my off days I saw my old habits drop back into place. Click whir, the old routine that had been on repeat for years would simply drop back into place. I hated myself!

Don’t Give Up

There is a book I once half read called “You Can’t Teach A Kid To Ride A Bike At A Seminar”. Basically, the message is this – you don’t become an expert at something at your first attempt.

Let’s be logical, this is completely normal.

As a parent, I watched my daughter learn to walk, speak her first words, ride a bike and learn to swim among many other things.

She never gave up, even though none of these things happened at the first attempt – she persevered. Sure she was encouraged, but never forced. It was her persistent willpower that was the decisive ingredient.

And this is the same ingredient that we can still call upon.

It’s in us all, we just have to unlock it…

Can This Work For Me?

Well, this is the six million dollar question… For those of us old enough to remember, just ask The Six Million Dollar Man.

I’m saying, yes it can…


  • Because I rose this morning at 5:30am to write this article.
  • I listed all the things that I need to do today last night.
  • I will be jogging around the park in 20 minutes listening to AC/DC.
  • None of these things happened last year and in the many years that preceded.
  • I’m no spring chicken, so I know that age is not a barrier.
  • Because I will feel like I have accomplished something at the end of today!

Join Me

Why not join me as I share with you over the next 15 days the journey that I am taking.

It’s free and it won’t kill you, so you won’t need a money back guarantee or life insurance!

In fact, it might help you through this lockdown situation and even be that spark that changes your life.

Please join me tomorrow for Day 1 of the journey!